Organic Skin Care


Holly Draper started this company on a very clean and “green” line of skin care she formulated; hence the name Purify “Skin Therapy.” Years ago while she was formulating a completely pure and clean anti-aging skin care line of products for herself, she learned a lot about ingredients and harmful chemicals commonly used in skin care.

She didn’t want to use any of those cheap synthetic chemicals or ingredients, not even synthetic preservatives. She is against any cheap fillers, alcohols, or waxes of any kind used in good clean skin care. The skin care line she developed is very clean with no alcohols, waxes, synthetic ingredients, or synthetic preservatives. If you love your beautiful natural skin, then you’ll agree that clean 100% natural skincare is the way to go.

How would you like FRESH, 100% natural Aromatherapy skin care handmade for you by a Certified Aromatherapist who specializes in skincare?

Would you like it carefully and lovingly made fresh to order just for you?

Well, now this service is available! Holly Draper is passionate about 100% natural skin care, and she still personally hand-makes our skin care products. All Organic Purify Skin Therapy’s 100% natural Aromatherapy skin care is handmade in small batches fresh for you.

You have to think of it almost like food, as there are no harsh, harmful, or synthetic preservatives in it at all, so like fresh food, it will expire . . . so use it! When you get this 100% natural aromatherapy skin care product it does not need to be refrigerated, just put it next to your sink and use it every night. You will feel the difference in your skin, and your beautiful precious skin will love you for it. It will last unrefrigerated on your bathroom counter for about 45 to 60 days. That’s why we only sell it in one month supply sizes, so you get it fresh, use up your natural skin care, then order more. This way you always have perfectly fresh, healthy Aromatherapy skin care at your fingertips.

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